Farewell to Stanley the Pig

Happy Epiphany or 12th Day of Christmas!

It is raining and windy today and the melting snow and rain is making walking a bit treacherous and leaking roofs a common occurrence. But, yesterday, before the rain came, Stanley the pig was loaded up in my hand-fashioned mobile pig crate and put on board my truck in preparation for his one way trip to the butcher. He actually enjoyed a longer life than a lot of the other local pigs due to the fact that we couldn’t get the appointment until now. But, as is inevitable for most pigs(except Wilbur, of course)the end had to come for Stanley. I think he may have had a notion of what was coming because all attempts that I had made to entice him into the portable pen had been met with frantic resistance. I was envisioning needing an army of pig wrestlers, but in the end all it took was some firm goading by my son-in-law(guess he missed his calling as a pig whisperer). And, almost as soon as he realized that he was crated, good old Stanley just resigned himself to his certain fate and laid down.

I offer this tribute to Stanley’s final moments for all you non-farming animal lovers out there, but you really must know that all I am thinking about is how much pork I am going to get to put in my freezer. Until I find more words. . .The PeeMan

Yes it is on skiis

Yes it is on skiis

Good Old Stanley

Good Old Stanley

penonskiisportable pig pen

PeeMan’s Christmas 2013: Holiday Warmth and Nature’s Freeze

Greetings from the Frozen North Country – literally!

Let me start off by saying that we were very fortunate at Winterberry Farm not to lose power due to the Christmas week ice storm. As I write this, there are still thousands throughout the state without power. Many spent Christmas in emergency shelters or in a constant effort to keep backup generators running. Power company crews have also spent their Christmas’ out in the sub-freezing temperatures around the clock attempting to restore electricity to Mainers. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. It has been a rough week for many, and it will certainly go down in the history books.

The flip side of the havoc caused by nature’s icy fury is the sheer beauty that it left behind. The family all agree that we don’t remember a more beautiful Christmas, The brilliant sunlight reflecting off the ice laden surfaces is certainly a sight to behold.

Each year on Christmas Eve, my family gathers together and in an effort to remember the true meaning of Christmas, the children, grandchildren, and nephews put on a simple pageant and the audience acts as the choir. It is a long standing, important tradition for our family and it sets the tone for the rest of the festivities as it reminds us of the humble birth of Christ our Lord and Savior.

Food, fellowship and fun including the popping of the English “crackers” and the annual paper hat family photograph rounded out the evening. Christmas day was a quieter, but no less pleasant affair. The family Christmas tree, cut fresh off the back forty was declared the best(and tallest)that we have ever had. My wife has a very particular aesthetic and she makes all decorating decisions. However this year, I sneaked in one Christmas decoration of my own.(see pic below)

Anyway, enough of this sentimental blathering on … just look at the pictures and Have a Happy New Year from my family to yours. Until I find more words . . . The PeeMan

Trim the Tractor

Trim the Tractor

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

Grandpa's angel

Grandpa’s angel

PeeMan's Christmas

PeeMan’s Christmas

Ice coated trees
Ice coated trees


Party at the PeeMan’s

Greetings from the North Woods,

My granddaughter's prize winning Maine pumpkin

My granddaughter’s prize winning Maine pumpkin

Well, as I alluded to in my previous post, the wife and I hosted the church harvest party on October 5th. As is usually the case in my family, the lead up to the party was not without drama. Firstly, as a result of my wife’s tireless efforts to rid the property of as much remaining poison ivy as possible, she was rewarded with the itchy rash all over her forehead accompanied by extreme facial swelling. “Elephant Man” were the words she used to describe the unsightly flare up – miserable. And, as my middle daughter was getting ready to leave just before the big event, she started to drive over the septic tank. As it turns out, she wasn’t the only one who would choose that route for their cars. Several people from the church drove over it in their efforts to exit the parking area – I just assumed everyone would clearly recognize a leach field/septic tank when they saw one – well you know what happens when you assume!


Harvest Party Guideposts


PeeMan’s Cider Press – Fall Goodness

Anyway, those minor hiccups excluded, the harvest party was a success. Check out the pictures for yourself – I am done talkin

Colors of Fall

Colors of Fall

Donuts on a String

Donuts on a String

The Wife's Decorative Touches

The Wife’s Decorative Touches

As you can see, there were lots of fun things to do, and the wife and the ladies of the church outdid themselves as usual. And I, as usual overdid myself and I am still paying for it. Oh well, may as well go all out or go home!

PeeMan's Fire Pit

PeeMan’s Fire Pit

PeeMan's Hay Wagon

PeeMan’s Hay Wagon

And now for some shameless capitalism, don’t forget to get ready for fall with our HousePak and Car-RV-BoatPak. Keep those critters out and protect your investments while you wait for Spring. Until I find more words. . .The PeeMan

PeeMan’s Gotta Have Hobbies – Happy Birthday

Well, it may be a little early, but when you reach a certain age, it is ok to celebrate your birthday when and how you like. So I did. With the Airstream refurbish completed, I have been itching for a new project to dive into. So, without further ado . . .Happy Birthday to me! scoutIsn’t she a beauty! 1967 International Harvester Scout 800. These innovative and stylin’ vehicles were the precursor to the now ubiquitous SUV. Now, if you are wondering(as one of my daughters did)how a man of six feet seven inches is going to squeeze into this vehicle – don’t fret – the top comes off!  That’s right! Not only does this classic work as plow and truck, it also doubles as a stylish convertible. A convertible truck – it doesn’t get any better! Well, actually, I am hoping that I can make it look better with a little TLC.  To give you a visual, I “scouted” the internet for some pictures of what the future could hold. . .1964scout

1964scoutwhiteAnd don’t forget, if you are in the middle of refurbishing that classic car, don’t let wire chewing rodents undo your hard work! Put the predator-prey instinct to work for you with the Car-Boat-RV Pak from100% Original PredatorPee. Until I find more words. . . The PeeMan

Prairie Dogs of Summer?

Hello Again!

Well, I truly hope you are having a pleasant summer. Around here the tomatoes are turning red on the vine and the ears of native corn are starting to pop up at roadside stands. Unfortunately, this year’s corn- growing in my garden did not go so well. Late cold and lots of wet despoiled the crop. Oh well, that is why we have grocery stores, right? In another piece of farming news, the escaped pig was never recovered and while I make my living trying to help people keep predators away, I kind of hope a coyote got it because the idea of a full-grown feral pig wandering my woods is not a pleasant one. Anyway, the remaining pig( which my youngest daughter has named Stanley) seems to be settling in to life on the PeeMan’s farm. Of course that is easy when he can be blissfully unaware of his impending demise. I however am not unaware and am impatiently waiting for Stanley chops and Stanley bacon. Sorry if this bothers some of you, but a man’s got to eat!

Enough about me! Last post I took a look at a yard pest that is totally foreign to my neck of the woods, and today I will travel down that same road. Prairie dogs sort of require prairies and last time I checked there aren’t too many of those up here in the Great North Woods. But, apparently there are some parts of the country where these gopher like creatures still make their homes. From what I can gather, those “homes” can be destructive to yards and gardens. On the other hand, the labeling of the prairie dog as a pest has led to a damaging level of eradication. So, a solution that does not harm this unique and fascinating creature but encourages them to make their home elsewhere would be ideal. Just so happens . . .We’ve got a pee for that! The coyote is one of the prairie dog’s natural predators so our 100% CoyotePee is the perfect solution!

Well, a nice blend of personal and business makes for a good blog post.

So, until I find more words. . .

The PeeMan

PeeMan’s Gotta Have Hobbies Too – Airstream Refurbish Continued

It has been a while since I have given an update on the refinishing of my metal beauty. Well, she will be making her camping debut this weekend, so I better let you see her.  A few more finishing touches and we will be ready to hitch her up and venture up North – yes you can go farther north. Hopefully, all goes well and this will be one of many outings to come.  Not much time to write today, now that the Airstream is ready, I have to do some work on my boat – another oldie but goodie.  Until I find more words . . . The PeeMan

All shined up and ready to roll

All shined up and ready to roll

finished bed

back bed reupholstered

retro red oven

A Northern Redneck’s 4th of July

Well, I hope all of you had a happy and safe Independence Day! I thought that I would digress from the fascinating world of animal urine and give you a glimpse into the PeeMan’s own 4th of July celebration. First up we have a glimpse of the PeeMan’s Waterpark! On the left, you will see my eldest grandson enjoying the giant slip and slide. Next up was the pool – I might add that I built this with my own two hands! Ordered the liner on the computer and with a little trial and a lot of error – voila – oasis of cool for enjoyment by both young and old.waterslidepoolfrisbeegolf Other options for Independence Day fun – our very own 15 hole disc golf course. Two of my daughters and a granddaughter played a fierce round ending with the eldest daughter coming out on top by 1 point.  Add a grass bocci ball court measured to exact specifications, some tasty barbequed ribs, chicken, burgers and hotdogs, ice cold beverages, family and friends, and even a spontaneous outburst of patriotic song capped off by a trip to a coastal town for a fireworks display and that equals a pretty dang good holiday!


On a serious note, we had a terrible tragedy at the parade of a town nearby when a man was accidentally crushed by an antique firetruck. Lots of families and children witnessed the incident, and it cast a dark shadow on the day. The family of the man killed and those who witnessed the scene are in our prayers and I would ask you to keep them in yours.

Until I find more words. . .The PeeMan


PeeMan’s Gotta Have Hobbies – Airstream Refurbish Post #3

underbed cabinet doors before

It’s been a while since I have given you an update on the old metal beauty. I have been pecking away at things here and there in between honey-do projects and the Pee business. This project is kind of small but every little thing takes me a step closer to luxury camping in the Maine woods. At least, anything with real walls and a toilet is considered luxury in my neck of the woods.

underbed cabinet doors -damged veneer removed

underbed cabinet doors -damaged veneer removed

underbed cabinet doors -glue applied

underbed cabinet doors -trim strip added

underbed cabinet doors -trim strip added

underbed cabinet doors -trim strip finished

underbed cabinet doors -trim strip finished

underbed cabinet doors - refinished and installed

underbed cabinet doors – refinished and installed

Now if that ain’t a thing of beauty, I don’t know what is. Most satisfying afternoon out the spring sunshine. This project was completed before the rains started. If I sound biblical, it is intentional – it has rained every day for the last week and more is forecast. The Memorial Day weekend is gonna be cold and damp! Well, I chose to live here, so I shouldn’t complain. If you have sunshine, send some up our way.

The PeeMan

Don’t forget Predator Urine for RVs, boats, and cars!




PeeMan’s Gotta Have Hobbies – Airstream Refurbish Post #2

Well, it has been a while since I have given you an update on the restoration of my metallic beauty. If you’ll recall from the previous post, she was in need of some serious interior TLC. That process is now in full swing, and although I may tend to jump and thrash my way through life, I am quite pleased with the way even the detailed work is coming along. I know, you are thinking “enough blathering – show me the pictures” – here ya go

Front sofa bed awaiting upholstery

Front sofa bed awaiting upholstery

Kitchen complete with new stainless backsplash

Kitchen complete with new stainless backsplash

New tile floor

New tile floor

Reclaimed, refinished kitchen vent

Reclaimed, refinished kitchen vent

I am quite impressed with myself. But, according to my family, that is not an uncommon occurrence. I am even more impressed with the weather that we have been enjoying lately. I have had  several opportunities to don my cutoffs and work outside in the glorious sunshine. Nothing like a dry, sunny spring day in Maine.  Having said that, I’m gonna get off this dang computer and go back outside. Have a good one!

PS  When you are outside getting the garden in, don’t forget to get your bottle of 100% Original PredatorPee to protect all your hard work.

PeeMan’s Gotta Have Hobbies – Airstream Refurbish Post #1


In earlier posts, I alluded to my current non pee-related project – my metal beauty – vintage Airstream International Land Yacht – just typing it gives me the chills. Well, this project began in the fall of 2012, was briefly interrupted when I had a heart attack(look for future blog posts on my personally developed heart healthy, low sodium menu), and has been kicked into high gear in the last month or so. My goal is to refurbish her in a manner consistent with the vintage quality, but I am not a stickler, and I won’t be searching for months for some authentic Airstream toilet bowl handle. My family knows that minutiae is not my strong suit. I am a big man – 6ft. 7in., and I have big ideas and tackle big projects, but I never sweat the small stuff. Anyway, enough talk. Check out the before pictures:


Front Bed obviously dismantled

Front bed obviously dismantled

Bed/coach 2 as yet untouched

Bed/couch 2 as yet untouched

Bath/shower complete with fishies - the wife will definitely want those GONE!

Bath/shower complete with fishies – the wife will definitely want those GONE!

The door to adventure

The door to adventure

The rear end

The rear end

Well, that is what she looked like BEFORE. Stay tuned to see my first AFTER pictures. Extreme Makeover Airstream Edition – PeeMan style! Until then, have a good one.

Oh, and for all you RVers out there, did you know that squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons etc can easily do $1000’s of damage to wires and upholstery in any type of vehicle. Our PeeShots are perfect for this application. Check out our Car-Boat-RV Pack.   Oops! I let a little business mix with pleasure, but I just couldn’t help myself.  The PeeMan