Farewell to Stanley the Pig

Happy Epiphany or 12th Day of Christmas!

It is raining and windy today and the melting snow and rain is making walking a bit treacherous and leaking roofs a common occurrence. But, yesterday, before the rain came, Stanley the pig was loaded up in my hand-fashioned mobile pig crate and put on board my truck in preparation for his one way trip to the butcher. He actually enjoyed a longer life than a lot of the other local pigs due to the fact that we couldn’t get the appointment until now. But, as is inevitable for most pigs(except Wilbur, of course)the end had to come for Stanley. I think he may have had a notion of what was coming because all attempts that I had made to entice him into the portable pen had been met with frantic resistance. I was envisioning needing an army of pig wrestlers, but in the end all it took was some firm goading by my son-in-law(guess he missed his calling as a pig whisperer). And, almost as soon as he realized that he was crated, good old Stanley just resigned himself to his certain fate and laid down.

I offer this tribute to Stanley’s final moments for all you non-farming animal lovers out there, but you really must know that all I am thinking about is how much pork I am going to get to put in my freezer. Until I find more words. . .The PeeMan

Yes it is on skiis

Yes it is on skiis

Good Old Stanley

Good Old Stanley

penonskiisportable pig pen

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