Tales from the PeeMan

This page is dedicated to stories, answers to peemails, and other pee related tales



Now when it comes to wild animal damage, there is no one better in signing his work than Mr. Skunk. Not only does he dig, root, and chew, he also leaves behind a scent marker that must be the envy of the animal kingdom. Wow! Sharp, pungent, penetrating and long-lasting – there is nothing that comes even close.

So when Mr. Skunk moves in, there is no question about the identity of your new tenant or about the fact that he needs to go – but fast!

Now, the PeeMan just happens to have some very recent first hand experience dealing with the Mr. Skunk problem. Last year, the PeeMan’s church (yes the PeeMan is a PewMan too!) had a construction project going on and Mr. Skunk moved in. It seems that one of the carpenters enjoyed having a tin of sardines for lunch – or more accurately, he enjoyed having almost a whole tin of sardines for lunch. He apparently would dump the leftovers over the railing along the front steps. It didn’t take long for Mr. Skunk  to figure out how providential this situation was. He liked it so much that he moved right into the crawlspace under the steps – a crawl space that happened be right next to the outside wall of the ladies’ rest room. Since the ladies’ room is also a popular social gathering space, the PeeMan was immediately called to active duty.

First of all, the sardine situation had to be dealt with. All good things must come to an end. Then, knowing that skunks are nocturnal, the PeeMan knew his window of opportunity was going to come after sundown.  Just before dark, the PeeMan creapt along the back wall of the crawl space furthest away from the entrance used by Mr. Skunk and sprayed a heavy dose of FoxPee all along that wall. If Mr. Skunk thought Mr. Fox was lurking around the back of the crawl space, he’d be sure to head out the front door. The plan being to make sure that Mr. Skunk had a strong incentive to go out that night.

It was snowing lightly when the PeeMan drove the 10 miles home for supper.  Perfect! – thought the PeeMan. After he got caught up on the days events thanks to FoxNews, the PeeMan went back to the church at around 9 pm.  From the fresh tracks in the snow, the sharp-eyed PeeMan knew that Mr. Fox was out on the town. The entrance was boarded over and a “Pee-rimeter” of fox urine was quickly created. Sun up would write the end of this story.

Early the next morning, the PeeMan returned to check on the situation. The little skunk tracks crossed back and forth about 25′ away from the church, but came no closer. Later that week a live trap was set in that area and Mr. Skunk went for a ride in the country.  It took a while for the smell to fade away, but the social scene in the ladies restroom was soon back to normal. Final score: PeeMan 1 – Mr. Skunk 0


The PeeMan and Rats

It used to that rats were only a problem along the waterfronts and in run-down parts of town. Well if the PeeMan’s mail is any judge, that has changed big time! Rat apparently have discovered its pretty good eating uptown, downtown, in the ‘burbs, in the country and just about anyplace a dumpster cans be found. And when rats eat well, they bigger and bolder and end up being more than most house cats want to tangle with. But have no fear, the PeeMan has the answer because once again there is a natural way to even the score. Coyotes love rats and rats instinctively know that they are a favorite snack for Mr. Coyote.  PredatorPee Coyote urine allows us to take advantage of fear factor and make fast work of the rat problem. When the rats think a coyote is nearby, they go someplace else. It is that simple.

Here’s what Katherine K. told a local newspaper reporter in here hometown of Washington D.C. and the PeeMan could not have said it better himself:

“Kathryn K. who lives in Dupont Circle, had to take her car in six times for service because of rat damage. At one point, she submitted a claim for the $1,200 her dealership charged to completely re-wire her vehicle. “Our insurance company dropped us,” she says.Fed up, Kailian Googled for solutions and found coyote pee. She ordered it on the Internet and hasn’t had a problem since. The smell dissipates pretty quickly and the rats have left her alone, despite the fact that she parks in an alley with Dumpsters filled by Five Guys, Chipotle, Cosi, and other delicious-to-rats restaurants.” washingtoncitypaper.com




Now, the whole cat question is a tough one for the PeeMan. You see, half the people who write the PeeMan want to protect cats and the other half want to get rid of them! The PeeMan is firmly aligned with the latter – but business is business and the PeeMan tries to be an equal opportunity advisor even when the advice sticks in his throat. So here goes:

If you are so mis-inclined to want to protect your cats from likely predators ( mostly coyotes and fishercats), then WolfPee is the solution. When you use WolfPee to create a “pee-rimeter” around your yard, two things happen. First of all, the wolf urine will keep the coyotes and fishers out of your yard and second, (the PeeMan’s favorite) it will keep your cats from wandering out of your yard and into the yards of non-cat-lovers like the PeeMan.  Win-win for everyone!

Which brings us to the other half of the cat problem: keeping stray and feral cats out of your yard or garden. Again, a Wolf urine “pee-rimeter” is the answer. The WolfPee will keep the cats out of your yard and that means your lawn, flower beds, and gardens will no longer be the neighborhood litter box.

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