Who is the Peeman?

peeman_pucketsThis is the PeeMan a.k.a Ken Johnson. I am a middle aged guy who moved to Maine in the 60s looking for adventure int he North Woods. I found it and 45 years later, I am still lovin it. For the past 30 years, I have been in the pee-business. I have a wife, three kids and four grandchildren. My daughters didn’t always appreciate the fact that I sell pee for a living. It always made the whole “what does your daddy do?” question at school fun to answer. This blog follows the continuing adventures of a die hard entreprenuer living in the Maine woods complete with lots of facts about predator pee and its many uses –  keeping away coyotespreventing rodent damage , deterring nuisance humans, etc.

After studying poetry in school, my granddaugher composed a couple of poems for The PeeMan – Thanks Kendall!

The PeeMan(What He Does)

Dedicated to : The PeeMan

The peeman, the peeman, what does he do?

Why he ships pee, just for you.

He’s also the builder of his house,

And you only see the occasional mouse.

Also, a full-time grandpa, he is,

At that, some of you are most likely whizzes.

The PeeMan (Who He Is)

He’s loving and kind,

 With a very straight mind.

He’s a nice grandfather too,

And we love him, so true!

If ever we need him, ever at all,

We know that he’ll be there, he won’t let us fall.

18 thoughts on “Who is the Peeman?

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! We are having so much trouble with skunks on our little “farm” They even got the eggs under our setting turkey hen. In the last two weeks we have trapped five skunks and a raccoon. I was wondering if predator urine would help because it worked wonderfully when I was having a hard time keeping deer out of my garden a couple years ago. Then my only source for the stuff was at Cabela’s or other places like that and it’s cost was outrageous! I am going to look your products over and see if what might work to help stop the little thieves!

  2. Thank you for following my blog. Will I horrify you if I tell you I sometimes recommend human pee in strategic locations in the vegetable garden to keep rabbits away? It generally horrifies the people I suggest it to… so I don’t suggest it very often. I’ll be sure to point people your way!

    • Trust me, when you sell pee for a living, not much horrifies you. We are glad to be a more palatable option for your readers. Thanks for stopping by and thanks in advance for sending anyone our way. The PeeMan

  3. I have a squirrels in my attic. What type of pee should I get and does it really work and how do I order your product. These rodents are gnawing away my new siding. Help!!!

  4. PredatorPee® and the Big 3 –  Food, Fear and Sex – Words from The Peeman

  5. Why WolfPee Works When There are No Wolves – Words from The Peeman

  6. Ask the PeeMan: CoyotePee vs. Rats – Words from The Peeman

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