PeeMan’s Christmas 2013: Holiday Warmth and Nature’s Freeze

Greetings from the Frozen North Country – literally!

Let me start off by saying that we were very fortunate at Winterberry Farm not to lose power due to the Christmas week ice storm. As I write this, there are still thousands throughout the state without power. Many spent Christmas in emergency shelters or in a constant effort to keep backup generators running. Power company crews have also spent their Christmas’ out in the sub-freezing temperatures around the clock attempting to restore electricity to Mainers. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. It has been a rough week for many, and it will certainly go down in the history books.

The flip side of the havoc caused by nature’s icy fury is the sheer beauty that it left behind. The family all agree that we don’t remember a more beautiful Christmas, The brilliant sunlight reflecting off the ice laden surfaces is certainly a sight to behold.

Each year on Christmas Eve, my family gathers together and in an effort to remember the true meaning of Christmas, the children, grandchildren, and nephews put on a simple pageant and the audience acts as the choir. It is a long standing, important tradition for our family and it sets the tone for the rest of the festivities as it reminds us of the humble birth of Christ our Lord and Savior.

Food, fellowship and fun including the popping of the English “crackers” and the annual paper hat family photograph rounded out the evening. Christmas day was a quieter, but no less pleasant affair. The family Christmas tree, cut fresh off the back forty was declared the best(and tallest)that we have ever had. My wife has a very particular aesthetic and she makes all decorating decisions. However this year, I sneaked in one Christmas decoration of my own.(see pic below)

Anyway, enough of this sentimental blathering on … just look at the pictures and Have a Happy New Year from my family to yours. Until I find more words . . . The PeeMan

Trim the Tractor

Trim the Tractor

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

Grandpa's angel

Grandpa’s angel

PeeMan's Christmas

PeeMan’s Christmas

Ice coated trees
Ice coated trees


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