Raising the Roof

Greetings from the FROZEN North Woods! It is currently 28 degrees and while a brief warm up will bring rain instead of snow, it is back to brisk temperatures for Thanksgiving which means ice skating with the grandkids is not outside the realm of possibility.

While my last post feature the first episode of our PredatorPee Unleashed video series(more to come soon), this post is more of an update on the goings on at Winterberry Farm – the PeeMan’s homestead. Before the wife and I headed south for our 40th anniversary celebration trip, I had a few things to get done around the property. My major project of the fall season has been the installation and completion of a heavy duty metal and fabric building meant to house the boat, airstream, chickens, the Scout – oh yeah and maybe some pee related stuff.

The project involved the erection of several metal hoops and then the reinforcement of said hoops. I NEVER EVER want to see another sheet metal screw in my life. I had shards of hot metal flying back toward my face with every single installation. Anyway, while I usually tend to be a loner when it comes to construction projects(I do it my way and I don’t want to have to explain it or answer a hundred questions), the actual installation of the building cover was definitely not a one man job. So, I called in a few select helpers, constructed my own winches and voila got that baby up and over in no time flat. Actually, my daughter was quite impressed that it worked right the first time. I usually get the job done, but not without a little or a lot of trial and error.

Anyway, now Brown Betty and the Amish hen have taken up residence in their new digs along side my metal beauty and some other of my “projects.” Here are some pics. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Until I find more words. . .The PeeMan

winches hard at work

winches hard at work


PeeMan on the ladder AGAIN

PeeMan on the ladder AGAIN



job well done

job well done

My Kind of Reality Show – PredatorPee Unleashed Episode 1

Greetings from the North woods!

Ok, we have had some serious chill this week up here! A couple of days it only made it into the low 30’s! Well, I shouldn’t complain since I choose to live here.

Anyway, moving on – would you believe that I received another email from a different production company based in New York about a PeeMan reality show?!! I just don’t understand why people would want to sit around and watch me and my family sell, package and ship animal urine. I mean – I think my job is great and definitely fodder for interesting conversation, but I wouldn’t want to sit in front of a screen watching me or anyone else do it.

I do actually have a worthwhile contribution to the “reality tv” craze. The following is a video of “real” live deer reacting to our 100% CoyotePee. Talk about drama! These deer want nothing to do with the scent of one of their feared predators. But, the whole point of reality tv is to see it, not read about it – without further ado – PredatorPee Unleashed – Episode 1

Stay tuned for more episodes.

Until I find more words. . . The PeeMan

Coyote Chaos

coyote2smallIt has been a while, but hello from the North Woods!

We have had a wide range of weather this week, for sure. A couple mornings have been in the low 20s and one day it was in the sixties! Halloween trick-or-treating was wet and windy for the grandkids.

Speaking of tricky, coyotes are continuing to pose quite a problem for residents of many parts of the United States. As these articles show, the threat of the Canis latrans continues to grow.



The writers of these articles have several suggestions for people facing coyote probems, BUT they do not mention 100% Wolf Pee which consumers across the country and even overseas have been successfully using for years to keep coyotes away from their property.

Until I find more words . . .The PeeMan