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Greetings from the North Woods,

My granddaughter's prize winning Maine pumpkin

My granddaughter’s prize winning Maine pumpkin

Well, as I alluded to in my previous post, the wife and I hosted the church harvest party on October 5th. As is usually the case in my family, the lead up to the party was not without drama. Firstly, as a result of my wife’s tireless efforts to rid the property of as much remaining poison ivy as possible, she was rewarded with the itchy rash all over her forehead accompanied by extreme facial swelling. “Elephant Man” were the words she used to describe the unsightly flare up – miserable. And, as my middle daughter was getting ready to leave just before the big event, she started to drive over the septic tank. As it turns out, she wasn’t the only one who would choose that route for their cars. Several people from the church drove over it in their efforts to exit the parking area – I just assumed everyone would clearly recognize a leach field/septic tank when they saw one – well you know what happens when you assume!


Harvest Party Guideposts


PeeMan’s Cider Press – Fall Goodness

Anyway, those minor hiccups excluded, the harvest party was a success. Check out the pictures for yourself – I am done talkin

Colors of Fall

Colors of Fall

Donuts on a String

Donuts on a String

The Wife's Decorative Touches

The Wife’s Decorative Touches

As you can see, there were lots of fun things to do, and the wife and the ladies of the church outdid themselves as usual. And I, as usual overdid myself and I am still paying for it. Oh well, may as well go all out or go home!

PeeMan's Fire Pit

PeeMan’s Fire Pit

PeeMan's Hay Wagon

PeeMan’s Hay Wagon

And now for some shameless capitalism, don’t forget to get ready for fall with our HousePak and Car-RV-BoatPak. Keep those critters out and protect your investments while you wait for Spring. Until I find more words. . .The PeeMan

Summer Departs and Mice Move in

mouseHello Again!

I don’t know about where you live, but up here in the North Woods, autumn is definitely creeping in with the nearly frosty night time temperatures causing air conditioning units to disappear out of windows everywhere. I will have to be firing up the wood stove before you know it and getting the farm ready for winter.

Well, as you probably know, when the air inside your home becomes warmer than the outside air, certain animals look for shelter anywhere within your cozy walls – most commonly mice. These small rodents might pass as “cute” for some folks, but to me a rodent is a rodent and I am not willing to share my food or precious warmth with any of them.

Now is the time to ward off any mice invasions by putting the natural predator-prey instinct to work for you.   In the wild Bobcats prey on many rodents and small animals.  So when you want to get rid of mice, moles, voles, etc., bobcat urine is a most effective natural repellent and deterrent that stops these pests from nesting, chewing or doing other damage to your attic, basement, garage, barn or garden.

So, if you don’t relish small, furry house guests this fall, you better get yourself some 100% Bobcat Pee!!

Until I find more words . . .

The PeeMan