Ask the PeeMan: Mice in Grill

Well, it must be the busy season around here because Wednesday’s Ask the PeeMan is on Thursday this week! This week’s question is especially relevant since grilling season will soon be upon us(I am sure most of you have been grilling for a while now – don’t rub it in) – one thing is for certain – none of us want mice up in our grill(because of my 22 year old daughter the double meaning is not lost on me). . .

Looking for a suggestion to keep mice from entering my outdoor grill.  I don’t  have them in the house, but know they are outside as I’ve caught a few over the past year.  Looks like you recommend the Bobcat Urine.  Should I go with the 33 Day Dispenser and put them around the grill area on my patio?  These 33 Day Dispensers are reusable, right?  Or would you recommend some other application?

Thanks for your help.

Kevin white_footed_mouse2

Look at our BobcatPeeShots – you can place right in grill when not in use and easily remove. here is the link:
KJ The PeeMa

Ask the PeeMan- Rodent Control

It’s Wednesday again and time for our weekly “Ask The PeeMan” segment. Rodents seem to be coming up a lot this time of year. The PeeMan has the answer.

Q.  Good afternoon!
I have a question regarding the Coyote PeeShots . I’m looking at them for a basement style room with a large sliding door that opens onto a driveway. It’s a fairly busy beach area, and we have rats! Our organization works with children, so this is a no go! The description says that they are “long-lasting,” and I’m wondering how long that typically is. Please let me know what the average length of use is.

Thank you!

A.  Caroline,
At least a month. 2 months or more if there isn’t much air circulation in the placement area – like under a sink.
Here is the direct link:

KJ The PeeMan

Q.  I came across your site through a company called “Solutions”. I have had an issue with having mice enter my house over the past 2-4 years. I am not sure of their entry point BUT I really would like to deter them from entering at all !!!

My house is small, 984 sq. feet….. full basement below, attached garage with door leading to back patio. I am wondering how much of the bobcat or coyote urine I would need to protect my home throughout the winter season. Also, where should I place the deterrents? I do have dogs in the home, so I am also wondering what their response will be to this product.

Thank you

A.  Kristine,
Thank you for contacting the PeeMan. If you have mice already in your home, use our Bobcat PeeShots  for indoor use.
Mice usually enter near openings like where wires and pipes come in, or under garage doors etc. Use the Bobcat Trigger spray bottle and squirt around any areas like that. Dogs will just be curious nothing more. See all the bobcat products for mice at this link:
KJ The PeeMan


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