Ask the PeeMan: Mice in Grill

Well, it must be the busy season around here because Wednesday’s Ask the PeeMan is on Thursday this week! This week’s question is especially relevant since grilling season will soon be upon us(I am sure most of you have been grilling for a while now – don’t rub it in) – one thing is for certain – none of us want mice up in our grill(because of my 22 year old daughter the double meaning is not lost on me). . .

Looking for a suggestion to keep mice from entering my outdoor grill.  I don’t  have them in the house, but know they are outside as I’ve caught a few over the past year.  Looks like you recommend the Bobcat Urine.  Should I go with the 33 Day Dispenser and put them around the grill area on my patio?  These 33 Day Dispensers are reusable, right?  Or would you recommend some other application?

Thanks for your help.

Kevin white_footed_mouse2

Look at our BobcatPeeShots – you can place right in grill when not in use and easily remove. here is the link:
KJ The PeeMa