How to Keep Coyotes Out of Your Yard

Thousands of coyotes now roam suburban and urban yards and neighborhoods across America. News reports about coyote attacks on pets and other small animals are becoming more common. People are struggling to find ways of keeping them away. One completely natural, yet innovative solution is the use of wolf urine to repel coyotes.  According to the Wikipedia article Coyote: Interspecific predatory relationships, wolves are one of the few natural predators of coyotes and can compete for hunting habitat.

“The gray wolf is a significant predator of coyotes wherever their ranges overlap. Since the Yellowstone Gray Wolf Reintroduction in 1995 and 1996, the local coyote population went through a dramatic restructuring. Until the wolves returned, Yellowstone National Park had one of the densest and most stable coyote populations in America due to a lack of human impacts. Two years after the wolf reintroductions, the pre-wolf population of coyotes had been reduced 50% through both competitive exclusion and predation. In Grand Teton, coyote densities were 33% lower than normal in the areas where they coexisted with wolves, and 39% lower in the areas of Yellowstone where wolves were reintroduced.”

When coyotes believe wolves are in an area, they will move to a less hazardous habitat. By applying wolf urine around the perimeter of a yard, the homeowner can create the impression that wolves are nearby. The scent of urine is one of the primary ways an animal is warned of the presence of a predator and the smell of the wolf urine tells coyotes that this area could be a dangerous place. The coyote’s instincts kick in and they move to a new territory. In addition an added advantage to using wolf urine is that it is completely natural and safe to use around pets.

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10 thoughts on “How to Keep Coyotes Out of Your Yard

  1. How do Coyotes know that wolves are a threat if there are no known wolves inhabiting the area. My husband and I live in southern TN and there are no wolves here. Should the cougar pee work better or is the wolf pee just instinct? How do the coyotes know if they have never seen a wolf let alone smell there pee?

    • The coyote has instinctual fear of predators even if they have never been around one. There do not have to be wolves in your area. The predator-prey instinct concept still holds true. Thanks for your interest. Check out our website
      The PeeMan

    • You can get wolf urine through our website It is available in 12oz, 16oz, and gallon quantities along with various applicators. You can order online or by phone. Thanks for your interest. The Peeman

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