Raccoons? Don’t take my word for it. . .

Recently, I was asked the following question:

“What is the best way to get rid of raccoons? They destroy my back yard each year starting around the middle of Sept.”

I felt this question was best answered by a satisfied customer who recently wrote the following:

“Hey KJ,

Thanks for the product(100% CoyotePee). It worked very well. I hung it around the affected area and it kept the raccoons out for about 3 weeks.

The only part they managed to get to was the section where I had the dispensers too far from each other. They got in between the two dispensers and dug up a little bit of the new sod.

They’re back now and trying to dig up the grass on the other side of the backyard. Luckily, the sod is well grown in on that side so they haven’t been able to dig it up.

We’re now about to put in more sod in another section of the backyard so I just ordered more of the Coyote pee and dispensers too keep them out of that area too. Lots of fun!”

There you have it. CoyotePee is the ticket for pesky raccoons.

As always, thanks for asking. The Peeman

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