Ask the PeeMan: Roof hopping bobcats?

It is Wednesday again and that can mean only one thing around here – Ask the PeeMan day! This week’s question is definitely one of the more memorable ones that has showed up in my PeeMail box. Enjoy!

here-kitty-kitty (2)Q. My nephew lives well away from a creek corridor in an established neighborhood in Richardson, TX.  In the past month, a bobcat has attacked first two small dogs in his backyard, and after a break of a couple of weeks, returned and attached a third larger blue heeler dog in the same back yard.  Other neighbors have missing pets as well.  Animal Control has put traps with live chickens by his pool and outside his gate in the hopes they can get them, but so far, no luck, and then there was this second attack.  Animal Control thinks the bobcats travel from roof to roof to look into the yards to see if there is something they want to eat.  Since they are creatures of habit, they keep to the same travel patterns, and obviously they are wary of the traps or not interested in the chickens.

I have attached pictures – the dachshund and terrier only survived because my nephew was home and heard the screaming (it was broad daylight) and literally beat the cat off (getting bit and scratched himself again in the process).  The larger dog fared better, but again, my nephew was around to come out and the cat ran off.

There may be as many as four prowling the area as the local animal control there thinks there may be at least 4 there that use a creek as a travel corridor in an area where surrounding development has taken away a lot of habitat to the north of his house.

My question is will the wolf or mountain lion urine likely work for bobcats that have lived their whole lives in a suburban to rural Dallas area environment?  Wolves and mountain lions have not been there in a very long time.

Also, what would be the best way to apply if you do think it would work for a bunch of roof-traveling bobcats?

A. Yes WolfPee will work even if wolves have never been in your area. Predatorpee works by triggering the genetic fear imprint that seems to part of critter’s dna regardless of where they have grown up. The best bet would be to find out where the Bobcats are getting up to the roof and treat that area heavily.
Here is the link:

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