PredatorPee® and the Big 3 –  Food, Fear and Sex

Now those of you who know the PeeMan might think that this is nothing more than a juvenile attempt at an attention-getting headline. And you would be partially right. The PeeMan does have slight inclination toward the juvenile and the attention-getting. But this time there is so much more!

You see, in the wild, PredatorPee® is always right smack dab in the middle of the Big 3.  When animals do anything, it is always related to the Big 3. They are either looking for food, trying not to be food or looking for sex. Pretty basic stuff, but to be successful, they really need to know what is going on around them.  That’s where urine comes in. The scent of urine is the original wireless communication system.

When they are looking for a mate, the scent of the urine will tell both the good news and the bad news. The good news would be “whoopee” there’s a hot date nearby and the bad news would be that some other alpha-critter has already staked claim to the territory.

When they are looking for food, it is the absence of pee that is the good news because it means there are not predators around and the buffet (your garden or shrubs) is open! But that all stops in a hurry, when they catch a whiff of a predator’s urine. When they sense that a predator may be near by, it means that there is a decision that must be made. And it may be a decision of life or death.  Is it going to be a delicious snack or will it be their last supper? The instinctive drive to survive usually wins out, they choose not to be the food and they go somewhere else (your neighbor’s garden) to find a safer food source.

That’s how PredatorPee® works – it’s an all natural motivator that animals understand very well!  The concept is helpful to understand when you set up the PredatorPee®-rimeter around your garden.

If fear and food are in competition with each other, why make it a fair fight? Its always a good idea to remove pet food etc. and to position the ScentTags or 33Day Dispensers back aways from any possible food source like the garden itself so that the pest animal will get a good sniff of the PredatorPee® well before he smells your tomatoes.

Until I find more(attention getting)words . . .The PeeMan


Power of Pure PredatorPee – buyer beware of diluted urine repellents


Greetings from the North Woods!

It has been quite a while since my last post, and I really have no excuse except maybe for the fact that summer in Maine lasts only about two months, and every true Mainer(which status I can’t really claim since I was born in NJ)knows that you have to squeeze as much out of it as possible. So, summer projects – boat painting, Scout restoration, gardening, care and feeding of two piglets and 10 hens as well as mowing, mowing and more mowing seem to take up a lot of my time these days.

Today it is raining, and I have unearthed the keyboard in order to reconnect with the blogosphere. My post today concerns the fact that some of the companies out there that sell similar products to those of, do not have a problem delivering a diluted urine product to their customers. I am not about to name names or sling mud, but I just want consumers to know that this can be a problem.

What is the big deal, anyway? Wolf urine is still wolf urine even if it is diluted, right? Yes, that is true, but according to some research, diluted urine repellents are actually less effective than undiluted urines when field tested against each other. I have included a link to one such study below. If you are the scientific type, you will probably understand it better than I did. But even for a layperson like me, it is pretty clear that the bobcat urine worked very well against woodchucks and voles in its undiluted form and not well when diluted.

So, when you buy predator urine to protect your gardens, yards, etc. this summer, even if you aren’t buying from us, make sure that the product you are purchasing is actually 100% undiluted urine. This will ensure that those unwanted critters go away and stay away.

Hope your summer is going well and your gardens are critter free!

Until I find more words. . . The PeeMan