Hello All!

Well, it is back to feeling like summer up here for a little while anyway. That is a good thing because the wife and I are hosting our church’s annual harvest party on Saturday. That means one thing – the “honey do” just got multiplied by 10! My wife provides the vision for what the farm needs to look like before the shindig, and I provide the manpower to execute it. So, between building a wagon for hay rides, removing any unsightly evidence that anything not so pretty ever happens here(think empty pee buckets, etc.), mowing, trimming, rebuilding the rock patio, stacking wood – you get the idea – not much time for blogging this week.

voleI just happened to come across this note in my PeeMail, and I figured a blog post might help get this particular search term out there.

“I found your site in a round about way. Looked for ‘how to get rid of voles/moles in flower beds‘ but your name didn’t come up. I came across a site where people were discussing their issues and Nittany Lion, Fla Gator urine was mentioned. I then put that on my Google search, but nothing came up for it! So I just Googled ‘Animal Urine for mole control’ and your site was the 6th one down.

I didn’t know you could buy animal urine as a deterrent for other critters. . . . So perhaps other people, like myself, wouldn’t think of putting in a search for ‘animal urine deterrent for garden pests’ or similar.

Hope this helps.


And thank you to this customer for taking the time to help us out. I need all the help I can get. So if you want to know how to get rid of moles/voles in flower beds, make sure to check out our 100% BobcatPee on

I’d better get back to work! Until I find more words. . .

The PeeMan

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