P Marks the Spot – PredatorPee for Puppy Training

Little-Puppy-HdGreetings from the North Woods!

Speaking of wood, I’ve got the stove just a crankin’ today. It is currently a balmy 46 degrees outside – at 1pm!  Brrr. . .sure feels like the rumors I have been hearing about a cold winter might have some substance behind them. That’s ok, the grandkids came out last week and stacked the woodpile nice and high, and the wife and I already have at least one trip to “warmah” (Maine accent for those of you not familiar)climates this fall, so we will survive.

Anyhow, let’s think about something warm and fuzzy – puppies! Don’t worry, we won’t try to scare  your cuddly canines away with predator pee, but believe it or not, some of our resourceful customers do use 100% PredatorPee  for training dogs and cats to use a designated area of the yard as a “rest room.” As usual, our customers were way out ahead on this one, and it has taken us a while, but we’ve finally caught on. We listened to some folks in California who have been faithfully buying from us for a long time. They have been using PredatorPee to lure pets away from freshly planted (and expensive!)sod lawns.   PredatorPee is not just for wild critters anymore! It is perfect for paper training puppies and even getting kittens focused on the litter box, too. Then once they have moved outside, you can designate the area of your yard where you want them to “go”. In the animal world, urine is the great communicator. It not only warns prey of the presence of a predator, but also communicates territorial boundaries to members of like species.

Just when you thought you knew everything that 100% PredatorPee could do for you, another clever use snuck up on you just like that first hard frost will sneak up on my wife’s flowers.

Until I find more words . . . The PeeMan

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