Mutant Pigs? Hogs Gone Wild!

Boar1Hello all!

It was the magazine cover that caught my eye –  “Hogs R Us” From Florida’s Mangrove Swamps to California’s Central Valley and the Hawaiian Islands, Wild Hogs Swarm the USA – American Hunter June 2013

“Sows begin breeding at six months and can drop litters of four to 12 piglets every 12-15 months. Piglets as young as two weeks begin to forage for themselves and are weaned in three months, by which time they’re large and strong enough that only bears, cougars and humans can kill them. Hogs root up fences, gobble up quail and turkey eggs, ravage gardens, tear up corn and bean fields. . .” Ron Spomer, Field Editor

As if the ones that descended from the era of Spanish explorers weren’t bad enough, now thanks to some not so bright people we have mutant varieties as well. “The story I was told: A local who raised Vietnamese potbellied pigs as pets decided to buy a Russian boar and see what would happen. Russian-pot bellied pigs happened – lots of ’em. And they were considerably bigger than the Asian variety, too big for the local’s fences. So some escaped. That was five years ago, and the crossbreeds are thriving among the sage brush and the irrigated pivots of green alfalfa.” – Brian McCombie, Field Editor

The cover caught my eye because I always like to know what pests new and old people are dealing with. I haven’t seen any wild hogs or Russian-pot bellies wandering around my back forty, but maybe they are in your area. Now of course, the writers in American Hunter are advocating hunting and shooting the hogs, but for those of you who want a kinder, gentler way to keep your gardens and yards safe from the rooting, destructive pests, well – you guessed it – we’ve got a pee for that.  Mt. Lion Pee to be exact. Yep, that’s right – put the predator-prey instinct to work for you even against this formidable adversary.

But, as I like to say, don’t just take my word for it – Life on Kaua’i: Wild Pigs in Paradise By Gabriela Taylor “A big break through occurs at my place. My housemate goes online and discovers the Predator website. The principle of this strange strategy is that specific animal urine scents, such as wolf, bobcat, coyote and fox will deter specific predators. I briefly reflect upon how on earth anyone would collect pee from those animals and decide that I don’t want to know, although I am excited about the promise of purging pigs in such a peaceful way.  The website says that mountain lion pee is guaranteed to drive off desert animals such as armadillos and javalinas, as well as wild boar. I immediately place an order online…. Several months later, I can report that no plant-plundering pigs have returned to my property.” 

Well, I hope everyone had a restful Memorial Day. My thanks to the many veterans who have fought and are fighting for justice and freedom. Your service does not go unnoticed and it is heartily appreciated. God Bless You.

The PeeMan 

PeeMan’s Gotta Have Hobbies – Airstream Refurbish Post #3

underbed cabinet doors before

It’s been a while since I have given you an update on the old metal beauty. I have been pecking away at things here and there in between honey-do projects and the Pee business. This project is kind of small but every little thing takes me a step closer to luxury camping in the Maine woods. At least, anything with real walls and a toilet is considered luxury in my neck of the woods.

underbed cabinet doors -damged veneer removed

underbed cabinet doors -damaged veneer removed

underbed cabinet doors -glue applied

underbed cabinet doors -trim strip added

underbed cabinet doors -trim strip added

underbed cabinet doors -trim strip finished

underbed cabinet doors -trim strip finished

underbed cabinet doors - refinished and installed

underbed cabinet doors – refinished and installed

Now if that ain’t a thing of beauty, I don’t know what is. Most satisfying afternoon out the spring sunshine. This project was completed before the rains started. If I sound biblical, it is intentional – it has rained every day for the last week and more is forecast. The Memorial Day weekend is gonna be cold and damp! Well, I chose to live here, so I shouldn’t complain. If you have sunshine, send some up our way.

The PeeMan

Don’t forget Predator Urine for RVs, boats, and cars!




PROBLEM: Egg-Stealing Rats SOLUTION: 100% Coyote Urine


So much time, energy and money goes into raising chickens. Nothing is more satisfying than finding that first perfectly formed egg. Nothing is more devastating than having those eggs taken or the hens harmed.  It is a dangerous world for chickens, and one of the common threats comes in the form of a large rodent with a snake-like tale.  The Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus otherwise known as brown and black rats can wriggle their way into the smallest hole and steal away precious eggs and/or maim chickens. What is to be done? Well, as you may have guessed, we have a pee for that – 100% CoyotePee to be exact. But, you don’t have to take my word for it.

“Yes! I told the Chicken Chick about the rats in my coop and she told me to order from you, and so I did!  Thanks, tiff”

So, if you have Templeton the Rat sneaking into your coop, don’t wait. Go to get your CoyotePee right away!

On the home front, I got myself a  hot tub! Once you reach a certain age, you wake with a new and exciting ache or pain every day. Well, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and while the wife was out of town, I looked up ‘hot tub” on that Craigslist thing and voila!  All I can say is aahhhhhhhhh

If you don’t have a hot tub, I hope you are enjoying this late spring evening in some other way.

The PeeMan


Why Pick PredatorPee? Let Our Customers Tell You . . .

Why buy your pee from us? Why not other websites or stores? Well, I could tell you about our 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping, and quality 100% original predator urine products, but I prefer to let our customers new and old tell you.  Here are some recent peemails . . .


Returning PredatorPee Customer:

“I’ve ordered from your company in the past and at that time it was by ‘word of
mouth’. If this order works as expected you will be getting orders from my
neighbors as there is a deer problem.” Laurene

New PredatorPee Customers:

“I used Google search engine and typed in Coyote Pee. I got several items in
a list but thought your product sounded as the best way for me to apply it.
I am having trouble with squirrels eating my rosebushes and deer eating my
hydrangeas. I look forward to receiving my order . . .  and getting rid of the problems.” Marie

“i heard about you guys through yahoo answers. someone on that blog recommended your site!” Glen

What more can I say?

PS On the home front, I stumbled upon a trout fishing spot just miles from my home. I caught a fish on every cast, and went home after an hour because I was all tuckered out! My son-in-law enjoyed two of them as his breakfast this morning.  Hope the sun is shining and the fish are biting where you are!

Trout Breakfast courtesy of the PeeMan

Trout breakfast courtesy of the PeeMan

The PeeMan


Coyote in NYC? What Next?

 So, as I was surfing the net after I got back from my fishing trip up to a secluded spot in the Maine woods, I came across this video from a couple years ago. Really, I knew the coyote problem is bad, but in NYC!  I won’t even go to the Big Apple. Check out this brazen beast:

What is to be done with this seemingly indiscriminate invasion of our backyards, farms and even city streets by this vicious predator? Well, as you may have guessed, we’ve got a pee for that! 100% WolfPee is the all natural coyote deterrent. It is available in liquid and granular form and can be used to create a pee-rimeter around the area you are trying to protect. Don’t delay! Protect those pets, chickens, and whatever else the coyote might see as its next meal with 100% Original WolfPee. Accept no substitutions!

Enough business stuff, I am ready to go fishing again! Unfortunately, the much needed rain we are getting today will usher in a healthy batch of black flies and mosquitoes. Fishing in springtime in Maine can mean sacrificing a pound of flesh – literally. Oh well guess I will go down and keep puttering away in the Airstream. Hope the sun in shining where you are.

The PeeMan 


How to Protect Chickens in Vermont? PeeMan Q&A

Hello Again! Here are some the questions I have been getting in email lately.

Q. I live in a rural area in Vermont and I have a few chickens. I have seen coyotes, bears, raccoons, skunks, weasels, neighborhood dogs and a fisher. What would you recommend to protect the chickens from all of these? (I dohave electric poultry netting, but coyotes could jump over and weasels can go through). I’m concerned about attracting one predator while trying to deter another. For instance, if I use coyote urine to keep away the weasels, will it attract coyotes?

A. WolfPee would be my choice for this wide variety of predators. 

Q. I just ordered some fox pee to inhibit squirrels from chewing wires and trying to nest in my car engine compartment. How do I store the pee and for how long can I store it to use? Thank you.

A. Room temp is fine, should be good for at least 2 years.

Q. Is there anything I can use to deter a mountain lion? There was one in the woods out back of my house and today we discovered some scat right outside our dog pen which is attached to the house. We have 3 small pomeranians that go out a few times a day. We just moved here in the catskills, ny.

Thank you for any info you can give me

A. WolfPee should be the best option for you. 

As you can see, my inbox is always full of interesting questions. As you can also see, I don’t tend to send flowery responses. KISS – keep it simple stupid – is a motto I like to follow. Plus, I’d rather be outside than in front of the computer. But, as long as duty calls, the PeeMan will continue to provide answers for all those urgent PeeMails. Have a good one!


PeeMan’s Gotta Have Hobbies – Airstream Refurbish Post #2

Well, it has been a while since I have given you an update on the restoration of my metallic beauty. If you’ll recall from the previous post, she was in need of some serious interior TLC. That process is now in full swing, and although I may tend to jump and thrash my way through life, I am quite pleased with the way even the detailed work is coming along. I know, you are thinking “enough blathering – show me the pictures” – here ya go

Front sofa bed awaiting upholstery

Front sofa bed awaiting upholstery

Kitchen complete with new stainless backsplash

Kitchen complete with new stainless backsplash

New tile floor

New tile floor

Reclaimed, refinished kitchen vent

Reclaimed, refinished kitchen vent

I am quite impressed with myself. But, according to my family, that is not an uncommon occurrence. I am even more impressed with the weather that we have been enjoying lately. I have had  several opportunities to don my cutoffs and work outside in the glorious sunshine. Nothing like a dry, sunny spring day in Maine.  Having said that, I’m gonna get off this dang computer and go back outside. Have a good one!

PS  When you are outside getting the garden in, don’t forget to get your bottle of 100% Original PredatorPee to protect all your hard work.