One of the PeeMan’s Favorite Questions: How to get rid of cats?

feralcatsThe PeeMan is not a big cat fan so I take particular interest when someone asks “How to get rid of feral and domestic cats or keep cats out .” That’s an easy one – use PredatorPee® Wolf Urine – There is nothing more disgusting than finding that neighborhood cats have been using your prize garden for a litter box! The PeeMan would really hate that! Now you can repel cats effectively and naturally with PredatorPee® Wolf Pee liquid or Yard Cover Shakin’ Flake Granules. A cat’s fear of a wolf is imprinted deep in its genetic code. When they smell wolf urine, it triggers the instinct to avoid or flee serious danger. Even if a cat has never seen a wolf in its life, the genetic life-and-death warning code of the wild is always on alert! First make sure that all food sources are gone. A really hungry cat might risk an encounter with a wolf to get to that bowl of Purina dog chow on your deck. So take away the temptation first then create a “pee-rimeter” around your flowers and vegetables using Wolf Pee Liquid in 12 oz or 16 oz bottles along with our ScentTags or 33Day All-Weather Dispensers. Or shake out our Shakin’ Flakes right on the ground around individual plants. When the cats smell the PredatorPee® Wolf Urine, they know that the rest room is closed!


“A couple of years ago, I was looking for a way to keep cats out of my garden

and I found you. And wolf urine has worked good to keep the cats out. Thanks!”

Ask the PeeMan: Cat Control

Wednesday is back and so is “Ask the PeeMan” – this week’s question is tricky but not too tough for the The PeeMan. Enjoy.

Q. Hey there!
final-feral-cat-LTshears-Yanjing-Lu-CC-smallerI’ve recently started “taking care” of a stray cat.  We built him a house outside and I give him a meal twice a day.  I want him to stay.
I’m now finding a little band of other cats hanging around my yard.  They gotta go!  I was looking at your feral cat product , but. …if I use that to chase off the unwanted cats, will the cat I want to stay hit the road as well when he smells the predator pee?


A. Joanne,
It you apply it in the right way at the right time, WolfPee  will both keep your resident cat close by and the others away. When the favored cat is in its house, create the “pee-rimeter” around your yard according to the directions at this link:
It should keep your cat from wandering and the others from entering…and be sure not to leave the food out when your cat is not eating.

KJ The PeeMan