Urine for Human Pests? Nope – Skunk’Um!

My wife thinks that I make stuff up. She thinks that some of my ideas are only great in my mind. Well, granted, a few of my ideas haven’t panned out exactly as I may have hoped(that’s for another post) but a question I received from a clever customer this week confirms that the invention of Skunk’Um is a great solution for a real problem. The fact that we have sold hundreds of bottles since it launched doesn’t hurt either. Without further ado . . . it is Ask The PeeMan Wednesday!

Q. I am curious which is the absolute worst smelling urine of all the ones you sell? I am looking for something to spray/place outside my bedroom window to deter people from loitering so I am able to get some sleep at night so I guess my predator would be human.
> Thank you, Amy


A. Amy,

Sorry for the delay – its our crazy season. See Skunk’um – for annoying people at this link: http://www.predatorpeestore.com/skunk-um.html

KJ The PeeMan

As you can see from my response, I have been a little delinquent in responding to my peemail lately. Shipping pee during the busy season and keeping up with the summer farm chores has kept me away my keyboard. Never fear, if you ask the PeeMan a question he will answer – just not as quickly in May, June and July!

Until I find more words . . .The PeeMan


How to Deter Human Pests? . .Skunk’Um!

As anyone who reads my blog will know, The PeeMan via predatorpee.com provides consumers with all kinds of predator urines to keep various pests out of gardens, chicken coops, backyards,cars, attics, basements, rvs, camps, etc. I get dozens of emails a week asking about how to get rid of this or that pest, BUT what about the kind of pests that walk around on two feet near your home or office and yell, swear, smoke, vandalize, and just generally irritate others of their kind?

Do I have a pee for that? The answer is . . .no. But, never fear, we have developed a product designed to deter nuisance humans. It’s called Skunk’Um,no.loitering.01 and it is the natural way to stop unwanted loitering around your home or business. Don’t worry it’s not pee!(some of the loiterers probably provide that themselves) This unique product includes 1oz of Pure Skunk Essence and a spray bottle. Just mix with water, spray & the “hang-out” area is closed!

Please note that I did not say spray the human pest! In this litigious age, that just might land you behind bars. No, the concept is to make this area on your property unattractive to loiterers. As an added bonus, Skunk’Um is also an effective deterrent for small dogs.

Maybe you read this and are thinking, “who on earth is going to buy that?” If I thought like that, PredatorPee would never have existed – I mean I do bottle urine and sell it for a living.  Actually, since we began selling this stuff a few years back, sales of it have steadily increased. So, maybe you are a property owner who is fed up with unwanted loiterers – there is a solution . . .Skunk’Um!

Until I find more words. . .The PeeMan