Squirrels Sapping Maple Syrup Production

If you are from New England, March is a rough month. Daylight savings time – sacrificing an hour of sleep so you can wake up in the dark, temperature fluctuations that make wardrobe choices impossible, freak snow storms, potholes that can swallow your vehicle whole, mud, mud, mud and more mud are just some of the things that make it the feel like the longest month in the year.  One redeeming quality of this third month on themaple-syrup-season calendar, however, is the amber nectar that is produced by collection and boiling of gallons and gallons of sugar maple tree sap. In Maine we even have an entire Sunday set aside to celebrate all things maple syrupy.

But, this year, even the sweet stuff is coming under attack from nature. Abundant and hungry squirrels are wreaking havoc on maple syrup production equipment, chewing through sap lines and damaging equipment necessitating expensive and inconvenient repairs for syrup producers. “That means producers must go out into sometimes deep snow to find and replace the damaged lines that transport the sap from the maple trees or other chewed or missing equipment, which producers say can be time-consuming and expensive.” https://bangordailynews.com/2019/03/15/news/new-england/squirrels-are-damaging-some-maple-syrup-operations/

Thankfully, the problem solvers at predatorpee.com have developed a comprehensive natural solution to this pesky problem being faced by an industry already heavily effected by weather fluctuations and a limited harvesting season.

PredatorPee® SquirrelScentry Kit keeps squirrels away from sap lines and other Sap-line-SquirrelScentry-bannerproduction equipment by triggering nature’s own squirrel-frightening fear reaction using both scent and sight deterrents. The kit features PredatorPee® SquirrelStopper  an exclusive blend of the urine of fox and coyote, the squirrels’ most feared predators and the life-like PeeCoy Coyote Decoy visual deterrent.

For more information on this and other natural deterrents, visit www.predatorpee.com or contact the PeeMan himself at Ask-the-peeman@predatorpee.com

How to Get Rid of Ants

It probably comes at no surprise to you that ants are the #1 nuisance pest in America.

13406001511715314493ant-hiSo by the time you see a few crawling on top of your kitchen counter,
you can be pretty sure that there are a whole lot more lurking around out of sight.

The first important step in getting rid of ants is to get rid of the things that attract ants. Ants just love the scent of sugar and grease, so be sure to clean up spills, splashes and crumbs as quickly as you can.

 Because ants are team players, they have scout ants that go out and look for food then leave a microscopic pheromone scent trail to the food source for their buddies to follow.

So you don’t only have to remove the food source, you also need to disrupt
the scent trail or other ants will just keep coming looking for food where it once was.

Our PeeMan-approved AntStopper ant repellent products from PredatorPee.com® is an all-natural blend of essential oils
and fragrances that disrupts the scent trail, stops the ant parade and gets rid of ants for good.

AntStopper is easy to use, all-natural, non-toxic and safe to use around pets and children.