The Great Iguana Dilemma – PeeMan Visits Puerto Rico

Greetings from the STILL frozen North!

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, and that is because I was able to escape winter’s icy grip and vacation on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The trip served a few purposes – it gave me a good start on my tan, infused me with enough sunshine and warmth to get me through the stubborn chill of the next couple of months, and of course provided me with a whole new potential predatorpee market! Because while Puerto Rico is blessed with crystal clear waters, soft white sand beaches, lush vegetation and plenty of cold cerveza, there are some obnoxious, unwanted guests(and they aren’t tourists) – IGUANAS!!!

According to some reports, there are 4 million iguanas on the island! This means there are more of the lizards than people. Unbelievably, the iguana has only been a resident of the island since the 1970s when some people released their personal pets. Apparently, iguanas like the island as much as tourists do because they have thrived and multiplied. When I was horse back riding with my family, the fields looked like they were moving because of the sheer number of iguanas. Also, we had an iguana join us for dinner one evening in an outdoor cafe. Airport runways are even closed at times due to the overwhelming presence of the scaly creatures!

Well, as a entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for new markets, so we are officially launching tests of our products in Puerto Rico. We hope to determine which of our urines might work best to help in the Puerto Rican Iguana Dilemma!! We will be sure to keep you updated on the results. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from the island.

Can you spot the iguana?

Can you spot the iguana?


My girls minus one

My girls minus one

Until I find more words(or nuisance animals) . . .The PeeMan

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