Elks Eatin’ You Up? – We’ve Got a Pee for That!

elkHello Again!
Well, I have been busy, busy, busy! Between farm chores, PeeMan duties, and keeping the wife happy, I have been swamped. But, I have a few minutes, and I will spend them sharing my “wisdom” on the blogosphere. I would insert an emoticon to express my sarcasm at this point, but The PeeMan refuses to use emoticons.

Anyhow, elk problems anyone? We actually have a golf course out West that regularly purchases our 100% Wolf Urine to keep the animals off the greens. Apparently their hooves create divets that are detrimental to the top-notch golfing experience they are trying to provide.

According to my limited research, they also can cause damage to coniferous shrubs especially in housing developments that have been built near their territory. Now, we have plenty of beasts with antlers in Maine – deer, moose, the occasional captive caribou, but no elk. Apparently there are four different types of elk – “The Rocky Mountain elk . . . is found in the Rocky Mountain states and in scattered locations in the Midwest and East. . . The current distribution of the Roosevelt elk . . . is the inland coastal areas of northern California, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Afognak Island, Alaska. The Tule elk. . . is found only in California and the Manitoban elk . . . is found in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.”(http://icwdm.org/handbook/mammals/elk.asp)

So, if elk are eating at you, we have a pee for that – 100% Original WolfPee. Just like the Jackson Hole Golf Course, you can put the predator-prey instinct to work for you and keep the elk away from your prized ornamentals and coniferous shrubs. Or maybe you just happened to be lucky enough to have 9 holes in your backyard and you want to keep those greens smooth. Whatever the case, we have the stuff you need.

Ok, well it is probably about time to check on Stanley the pig and to make sure Brown Betty and the Amish Hen(we bought her recently from an Amish farmer)have enough water. So, until I find more words . . . The PeeMan

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