Canada or Canadian Geese – A Nuisance Either Way

Hello All!

Well the last two posts that I have written have concerned pests with which I have no particular experience. However, today’s nuisance of choice is all too common around these parts. Apparently the proper name for the overgrown black and brown birds is Canada Geese but I have never heard them called anything other than Canadian Geese and since this my blog, that is what we are going with.

According to my reading, these birds had neared extinction until we humans brought  them back from the brink, and they repayed us with prolific reproduction causing them to go from threatened to nuisance in a few decades. Ah well, what to do about the sometimes aggressive flocks of giant pooping avians?

Birds might seem a bit out of the PeeMan’s purview, but actually we have developed a unique two pronged approach to this particular pest problem – The PeeCoy. Geeese, turkeys, ducks and other birds depend on very keen eyesight to warn them of the presence of predators. Our PeeCoy Coyote Decoy Combo combines a realistic 2 sided Coyote Decoy with the realism enhancer of CoyotePee. The combination of both seeing and smelling a coyote will tell birds clearly that your yard is not a safe place to be! The PeeCoy Combo combines one sturdy, life-size, easy-to-set-up2-sided Coyote Decoy, one 12 oz bottle of CoyotePee and one 12 pack of ScentTags.

So whatever they are called where you are from, the solution is the same – PeeCoy. Accept no substitutes!

Until I find more words. . . The PeeMan

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