100% Mt. LionPee vs. Boar – PredatorPee Unleashed: Episode 2


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did – as always lots to be thankful for!

Without further ado, as promised – the second episode of PredatorPee UnleashedThe following is a video of a boar reacting to our 100% Mt. LionPee and 100% WolfPee. These critters are scared senseless and want nothing to do with the scent of their feared predators. NOTE: This video was provided to us, the PeeMan does not have any boars in pens on the farm(only Stanley the pig) – and no animals were harmed in the production of this clip.  Take a look . . .

At http://www.predatorpee.com, we sell Mt. LionPee to protect against wild boar, javelina, and feral hogs BUT our customers in Japan have successfully used both Mt. LionPee and WolfPee to keep these animals out of the rice paddies.

Until I find more words(or videos). . .The PeeMan

Invasion of the Feral Hogs

Q. We have an invasion of feral hogs in our subdivision and they are hitting our yards with vengence. We need (hopefully) some Mt. Lion pee to deter these bothersome hogs from our yard. I need to know what we should order. The granules or the liquid? The quicker the better. How long will this scent remain on the yard or in our flower beds?

A. Yes, since the mountain lion is a natural predator of the feral hog, mt. lion pee is the the correct choice. I would use the granules in the flower beds and the liquid to create a perimeter.

The Predator Urine concept is based upon the principal of duplicating the use of urine by animals in the wild. Predators mark the perimeter of their territory with urine helping prey like the feral hog tell whether an area is safe or dangerous. When using our ScentTags, place them into the ground every 10-12 feet around the designated area and saturate with the Mt. Lion Urine. Reapply every 7-10 days or immediately after rain. It is recommended that ScentTags be placed out of reach of sprinklers or irrigation systems. Each ScentTag will absorb about 1/2 oz of Pee, so you should get about 2 applications of 12 ScentTags (120-150 lineal feet) per 12oz bottle.

If you are using our 33 Day Dispensers, fill them to just below the holes with Mt. Lion Pee and hang every 10-12 feet from a tree or a free-standing stake. For feral hogs, be sure to place the Dispenser bottles at nose level. Refresh with urine once a month. Each dispenser hold about an ounce of Pee, so a 12oz bottle should be sufficient to fill 10 dispensers and protect 100 – 120 lineal foot perimeter for about a month. We do not recommend squirting the urine directly on plants or other living vegetation. Thanks for asking! The Peeman.