More Words from the Customers

Well, I took a little hiatus from the blogosphere – you should see my tan! Been polishing up the Airstream gettin’ her ready to explore the Maine woods. Anyway, I’m back and my Peemail box is FULL! So, I thought I’d better pass some more along to you. Nobody says it better than the customer! . . .



I found your website through the google search engine. What helped me make my purchase was the review by the customer. I look forward to getting the bottles to get rid of the raccoons. I will definitely recommend your site.

Thank you

A. Garcia


I am a repeat customer and I am glad you are still around. The stuff works great. I thought I had one bottle left from my last order, but discovered I’m out. Moose are the worst destroyers of yards. I need the stuff fast. Thanks.



We have such a problem with deer eating most anything we plant, even our rose bushes! I used Bing to search for pee deer repellent & my husband said, ORDER THAT! Yours was the first one on the top of the page, so I didn’t even look further. Thank you for making this available.



It’s been a couple of years since I ordered last, but I believe I was searching on the internet (Google) on what to use to get rid of groundhogs and deer and ordered coyote pee. This time we’re battling chipmunks at two houses, so I ordered the fox pee granules. Thanks!!! Your products do the trick (even though they stink!). 🙂


Until I find some more words. . .

The PeeMan


All Natural, Organic and Humane Raccoon Deterrent


Hello Again from the North Woods! Today the rains finally let up. I wish we could ship our rain to parts of the country battling forest fires! Anyway, the sun was out and everything is green, green, and green!

As you know, I often prefer to let others do the talking when it comes to PredatorPee – now politics is a different story – but nothing beats a great testimonial. This one showed up in the PeeMail –  Thank you Rhonda!

“Initially I found you on line (don’t remember which search engine, but I usually use Google) after raccoons decimated my fish pond, but I’ve been an extremely satisfied customer for quite a few years. I haven’t lost a fish
in over 4 years (to raccoons) because I use the coyote pee regularly. And when I did have one raccoon family that didn’t think coyotes were a big deal, I ratcheted up the predator to mountain lions, and I haven’t seen a
raccoon since.

However, yesterday a bear got in the pond – killing one, mangling another 30 pound koi (who is still barely alive) and slashing most of the others. The bear came back 3 times – and was scared off by me and our dogs and a water
hose. Then I marked the perimeter of our back yard (fenced, by the way)with mountain lion pee, set out some bear deterrents around the pond and waited. No bear. Didn’t show up all night, so I’m hopeful that the mountain lion pee is helping, and I just ordered more. I know it’s not a natural predator to bears, but I’m hopeful that large predators don’t like to share the same territory, because I surely don’t want the bear community to think that we have a sushi bar here.

Thanks for providing a humane way to protect my pond and still let the wild creatures make a living (somewhere besides my pond.) Best wishes, Rhonda”

Till I find some more words . . . The PeeMan