Ask the PeeMan: Taxing Otters

This week’s question comes from a neighbor to the north(yes there is something north of Maine)in Canada. Inconsiderate river otters? WolfPee to the rescue!

Q. Hey ‘PeeMan‘.  (Gotta like it!)

River otters have taken up the habit of crapping on the rear deck of one of our water taxis.    I tried Critter Ridder which is less than useless.  Any suggestions ?



A. Brian,
WolfPee is what you need. If you can, hang our ScentTags down near the waterline so they get a good whiff before they decide to climb on board. Animal behavior is always trickier around water, but give it a try…we have a great guarantee- if the WolfPee doesn’t do it, we’ll send you some BearPee at no charge and if that still doesn’t do it, we give you your money back! (As you can probably guess – we don’t have to do that very often!)
Thanks for writing – here’s the direct WolfPee Link:

The PeeMan

Until I find more words . . . The PeeMan

4 thoughts on “Ask the PeeMan: Taxing Otters

  1. Dear Peeman..I need help. A black bear keeps coming around and peeing all over my front porch and garden. It reeks. I removed all the birdseed so there is nothing for him now but he continues to explore and pee. Does Wolf urine work? What would deter him? THanks and please can you email me at I’m afraid of bears and so is my dog.

  2. tried wolf pee on my deck to keep otters off, it didn’t do the trick, next day, multiple “messes”. in my area there are coyotes, will try coyote pee next, maybe they are more worried about something they recognize,

    • Wild animals can be tricky sometimes Barton and they don’t always respond the way we would like. Wishing you success with the coyote pee. If it doesn’t work for some reason, you are eligible for a full refund. Just contact our service department. The PeeMan

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