Urine Attracts Butterflies? For Real?

Hello All,

Well, the motorcycle and truck are back on the road, so I am happy, happy, happy! You will pardon the reference to a very popular reality tv show – but it acts as a segue. The other day, I took a phone call from someone who actually wanted to do a tv show based on the Peeman! Before you ask, I declined. Certainly, there is never a dull moment in the life of a man who makes his living selling animal urine, but I would rather have a root canal than let any Hollywood types stick their cameras into my business.

Anyway, I bet you never knew that urine could be used to make your garden more attractive? Usually, people use PredatorPee to repel things, but there is one organism that almost everyone would want more of in their backyards – butterflies. Believe it or not, in the wild butterflies find their greatest source of sodium, essential minerals and vitamins from wild animal urine puddles and urine-soaked leaves. Now you can bring this natural buttlerfly attractant to your garden with ButterflyLure – pure urine from the wild.

Just when you thought you knew all the uses for Predator Urine! Moving on, I am pleased to report that Stanley the pig has settled in to his new expanded digs. He no longer runs away frantically when a human approaches, and he enjoys wallowing in his mud pit and devouring table scraps indiscriminately. As you can see from the photos, he is a healthy little porker.   Until I find more words . . . The PeeMan




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