PredatorPee for Possum Problems?

Well, I could just tell you how great our products are, but you hear from me enough. Check out what satisfied return PredatorPee customer Paul had to say – “Used your Coyote Pee last summer to ward off possums and other night creatures. Seemed to work best over other products. This year we are trying the granules. Did Internet research through Google. A neighbor also told me about coyote urine in general. Disgusting smell, but it works!”

As for an update from the home front, it was a balmy 27 degrees this morning, and it didn’t get much above 40 all day with a brutal wind. It seems that we are paying in full for last year’s freakish Spring warmth. Oh well, at least I am able to stay out of the wind while I work on fixing up my vintage airstream camper. The PeeMan has to have some non-pee related hobbies, right? Maybe I will post some pictures of my progress soon. Anyway, hope it’s warmer where you are!

The PeeMan

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