Aside: Squirrel Solutions

The PeeMan here. On another journey into the world of cyberspace I came across the following discussion on

Q. “My gardens are ruined every summer by tunnelling ground squirrels. I am looking for an answer to getting rid of them permanently.  Any ideas?”

One of the answers:

I have had outstanding success with “predator urine.” I find that coyote urine (there are fox, wolf, bobcat and mountain lion available on line). After having terrorist squirrels ravage my garden one year, I tried it. Very small plastic bottles (like motel shampoo ones) with some fiber and holes in them, strunbg every 10-15 feet (and you cannot smell it but skunks, squirrels, deer, woodchucks and rabbits, etc can)…my garden has been completely unmolested for three years! Google “predator urine” and you will get the firms; I use one in Maine. Best, chaepest, environmentally friendly and a fabulous conversation item!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, and it sounds like they used our 100% PredatorPee.

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