Words from the Peeman

This is the PeeMan, for the past 20 years or so I have been in the pee-business.  Pee Business? Yes, that’s right. First started to supply hunters and trappers with the wild animal urine that they use to lure animals, it has evolved into something pee-mendous!  Shortly after starting the business, we found that people were buying our pee who had absolutely no interest in hunting or trapping.  They were buying our coyote urine and other varieties for everything from housebreaking their dog to keeping deer and other wild animals from feasting on their prize ornamentals.  We found that the pee-market had a life of its own.  When humor columnist Dave Barry included our bobcat pee in his top ten Christmas gift list, yet another market category emerged…the prank gift market is huge!  People send PredatorPee to people they love and people they hate.  They squirt the pungent liquid in places no wild animal has ever been!  You can only imagine what uses a frat house could find for wolfpee.  Now, of course, hunters and trappers make up only a tiny portion of our customer base.  Regular folks with gardens, flowers, shrubs and backyards make up the most.   Now on this day, July 14, 2008, PredatorPee enters the blog-o-sphere.  Who would have thought?


In each new post, I will include some of the pee questions we get every day at predatorpee.com and our answers…like this one:


Dear PeeMan,


Coyote or Fox???

I live in Arizona where the problem is rabbits. We also have coyotes (not

enough it seems) that do prey on the rabbits, but no foxes, that I know

of.   It seems logical that coyote urine would be the product of choice for me,

but your website suggests fox urine to repel rabbits. Which product would

you recommend in view of this situation?


Thank you in advance,



Dear Charlie,

Both the fox and coyote love to dine on rabbit and the rabbits know it!

We try to simplify the choices on our website. In your case, the coyote pee

would be my choice.

When dealing with rabbits keep the pee on or close to the ground around

the perimeter of the area that you want to protect. Apply liberally the

first couple of times, then gradually reduce the amount that you use.


Thanks for writing,

The PeeMan


Next Post – “How PredatorPee works” …coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Words from the Peeman

  1. Can I use bobcat pee indoors? Will it smell like urine to me? I have a mouse issue in my house in new york city. These mice are kind of GANGSTA and aren’t afriad of much.

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