Today’s Ask the Peeman: Pee for Dog Training?

Greetings from Winterberry Farm!

The sun has been shining and spring has finally taken a firm hold up here. With 70 degree temps, it is tempting to want to start planting in the garden. But, everyone who lives in Maine knows the rule – don’t plant your garden till after Memorial Day! An unwelcome spring frost can ruin a lot of hard work. Anyway, today’s post is another in the Ask the Peeman series. These two questions came in over the peemail this week:

I’m trying to get my dog to pee on a patch of astroturf on my balcony, but she won’t do it – she will only go outside where she seeks out places that other dogs have peed. Do you guys sell dog pee or another pee that would work to attract my dog to where I want her to go? Thanks, Amie

Hi – Do you sell dog pee for training dogs to go in a particular part of the yard? If not, what would you recommend? Have you had other customers for whom this has worked? Thanks, Marie

My answer to both of these questions is plain and simple. Yes! We sell predatorpee for dog training.

gray_and_white_terrier_looking_upIn the animal world, urine is the great communicator. It not only warns prey of the presence of a predator, but also communicates territorial boundaries to members of like species. Dogs react instinctively to the scent of canine urine and this is how you can use CoyotePee or FoxPee┬áto help you direct dogs to the areas of your yard that you designate as “dog restrooms.” Both males and females will be drawn to areas scented by CoyotePee and FoxPee and gradually make this their preferred spot. This allows you to keep the rest of the yard un-marked by unsightly stains and dead grass. Use CoyotePee for medium-sized breeds and FoxPee for small breeds.