PeeMan Goes to Nashville

Greetings all!

Before you start to think that I have decided to give up the pee business to pursue a country music career, think again. But, I did make a quick trip down to Music Town a couple of weeks ago to take my wife and two of my daughters to the Women’s NCAA Final Four.


Country Music Hall of Fame

Stuffing my  6’7″ frame into an airplane seat is no fun, but the constant country music, down home food, and southern hospitality made the trip worth it. You might be thinking “and the basketball, right?” Actually, unless my own children are playing, I don’t care much for basketball. I let the girls go to the games while I put my feet up and enjoyed a couple of spy novels. pucketts

view from honky tonk

View from honky tonk bar


On the day in between games, we went to Franklin, Tennessee. If you ever get down that way you should definitely check it out. We ate at an authentic southern eatery – Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant, visited the factory antiques mall, and walked through this quintessential southern town. We hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville the next day. I am not much for cities or people(I could successfully live as a hermit), but as far as cities go, Nashville is pretty nice. Before we even buckled into our seats on the return flight, the girls were planning for next year’s nashvilleFinal Four – Tampa here we come!


Boots everywhere!

One of the best parts of our trip was that when we ncaa_final4arrived home, so had Spring! However, it just doesn’t seem to want to stick just yet. I am sure it will be here to stay … in June.

Until I find more words. . .The PeeMan


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