A Squirrelly Question

Q. Which type of pee works best for squirrels?*

A. Actually, this is a pretty normal question and a very common problem! Fox and BobcatPee both work well on squirrels, if the squirrels are inside we use the 33Day Dispensers filled with BobcatPee and hung in the rafters
near the eaves. If outside, FoxPee in the dispensers hung from branches, fences etc.

*All of the questions posted on this blog are questions that the Peeman has actually been asked by people over the years.

2 thoughts on “A Squirrelly Question

  1. I am terrified of the chipmunks around my house and would like to put pee around the places I see them scurrying to under and around my porch. Will this work? Will the smell be offensive to me and my neighbors? How long will it keep them away?

    • A combination of FoxPee in the 16oz spray bottle and the FoxPee
      YardCover Granules would be the best solution. Spray right into the
      holes and shake the YardCover on the ground around the porch reapply
      weekly and after a rain until the chipmunks have taken up residence
      somewhere else. The Pee smell is noticeable when first applied, but
      dissipates beyond the range of the human nose quite quickly.

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